American V8 engines built in the UK.

All specifications, applications and power levels catered for.

UK based Custom Power and Paint Ltd have been building and supplying American V8 engines for over 10 years now and have nearly 30 years engineering experience in the industry.

We produce many different kinds of V8 engines, from Small Block Chevy's & Ford's for your Cobra replica or Hot Rod, to LSX twin turbo for your street/strip or American muscle car, to supercharged retro Chrysler engines for your Jensen street project.

We can provide period correct replacement engines for your American classic, or perform OEM correct rebuilds for that rare matching-numbers engine that has to be kept with its original vehicle.

Whatever your requirements are, contact us to discuss them and we will try our best to meet both your specification and budget.

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As one of the UK's leading engine builders, we have supplied 100's of the popular Chevy 350, 383 & 400's and Ford 302, 331 & 347's to name a few. All are built to the same exacting tolerances and attention-to-detail that has given us the reputation we enjoy today. We can supply very specific types of power plants for many different projects and vehicles, from Lola F3000 dry-sump units to Firenza Can-Am SBC 302's that spend their life on the rev-limiter at 7500rpm. We have supplied airboat power units for film production to hovercraft power units for fire service rescue vessels.

We have worked with many customers on their projects to produce not only the best power option, but also the best overall solution for the vehicles end use.

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I (Jez) take great pride in building my engines, and with nearly 30 years experience with American V8's I still have the same passion and interest for them today as I did when I first started. Cutting my teeth many years ago with very little after-market parts available in the UK at the time, I learned how to get the best out of an engine with what was available. I often tell people I learned very quickly how to break them and what did not work, so then went on to learn how to keep them together and what made the best selection of parts and combinations.

I have seen the evolution of the performance engine industry, and am staggered at what it now has to offer the engine builder and end user alike. With great technologies like roller cams, a multitude of cylinder head designs, piston development like hypereutectic materials & precision forgings, affordable high-nodular cast cranks supporting in excess of 450hp to 4340 forged units capable of 2000+ hp. All of this is available to us to create the best possible engine solution, and with a fantastic supplier network in both the UK & USA, we can supply economically and in very good time frames.

We can also supply transmissions to complement our engines for your installation or project.

Induction, EFI and ignition

We believe that there is room for every kind of induction and ignition control for an engine in this industry, so are not biased in any direction. Whether it be the classic points distributor for you 1957 corvette running 3 X 2bbl's, or state-of-the-art multipoint EFI with an ECU capable of every single feed back known to man, we can supply, recondition or replace as necessary. We have worked with many fuel injection and ECU suppliers to provide a wide range of systems. Some of our suppliers build some of the best ECU's and harnesses right here in the UK, and with a system language that is widely recognized over here, we work directly with some of the UK's top rolling road tuners who can make sure your finished vehicle fitted with one of our engines is tuned to perfection.

So if you want a straightforward carburettor and ignition system fitted to your engine, a street supercharged sleeper with electronic ignition or a twin turbo multi point EFI with intelligent boost control and switchable mapping for street or strip, talk to us and we will try to provide what you need and put you in touch with the right support.


We have spent many years working with different transmission suppliers to try to complement our engines and make sure the two are correctly matched. To accompany our engines, we can provide after market heavy-duty manual or automatic transmission units, OEM replacements and conversions with very specific installations parts for a perfect fit. So if you need a regular TH350, a street/strip TH400 capable of handling 1000hp, a Tremec TKO for your street or track car or a Keisler-Auto transmission conversion for your 1967 Mustang or Camaro, please contact us to see if we can help.

Engine verification/certification for Kit-Car IVA

In recent years it has been necessary for engines being used in some kit-cars, like Cobra or GT40 replicas, to have their engines verified for authenticity of age, before presentation for IVA.

This is due to the fact that if a vehicle is being presented for use with a carburettor and having no catalytic converters, the engine cylinder block must have been manufactured before 1993 to be able to meet the criteria and emission requirements for that category. If we supply an engine for this purpose, you will receive a certificate confirming the engine's authenticity, we are VOSA registered.

If you have an engine that has been supplied by a company not recognized by VOSA, bought from the USA or you have decided to build it your self as part of your project, we are able to offer an inspection, verification and certification service that will allow you to apply for your IVA.

Please contact us if you would like further information.

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